Monday, February 27, 2006

Spinning Wheel Got to Round

Yow. My world is spinning in so many different directions, I don't know what the hell is up! Upheavel at work. Upheavel with a friend in CA. The whirlwind speed that the Red Room is moving at. Trying to plot who I can and can't go see while SXSW (read: south by so what here in San Antonio...heehee!) s going on. Just trying to keep my sanity enough to feed the cats and myself,and the fish, with some regularity.

Well, never let it be said that my life is boring. I have had boring before, and it's no fun.

My beloved Del Castillo is West Coast bound tomorrow AM, to play several gigs with Styx at four different House of Blues locations. Then home for awhile before the CD is out and all heck breaks loose for them again.

Lanky is apparently getting by with upbroken strings out there in the southish area he's driving around in.

Billy is being quiet, but Buttercup, Los Mescaleros, and whole bunches of other folks aren't!

Brotherhood is playing several gigs over the next month with national acts like Bleed The Sky, (hope that means something to somone out there, 'cos I am really not a big metal person.) We married off the bass player Saturday, and the first gig, down in Corpus Christi, is part of the honeymoon. Talk about a tolerant wife.....
Hey, Tracy fell for Brent while he was in Brotherhood; she had to know the score coming into this.

My bro's band Machine Head is back in the studio, to follow up the absolute monster "Through the Ashes of Empires." This means hopefully a new tour by year's end. I may have to go to Europe to see one of these 100,000 person crowds they play for there. Gotta be mind blowing.

I am so exhausted and yet unable to rest right now. Too much going on, and no one to help me get rid of the energy!!! ah well. Another weekend of music looms before me. Just have to get through this week.

that's it for now. this reporter is signing out.
Catch you on the rebound!

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