Thursday, February 23, 2006


I feel I have been remiss, but it has been a slow time since the holidays. I finally have new pictures up on the Webshots site. There is a new folder of some one-off shots of Lanky, not my best work, but neat venues, and then the Valentine's Grackle done earlier this month at the infamous Wiggle Room. Ms Hilary York opened for the Cup, who sat in with her, and then she sat in with them. It was a delightful evening all the way round. Still to come are pictures from New Year's Eve, spent with my friends in Jelly Jar at a private home in South Austin. A very very nice way to bring in the New Year, and a great start to what is more and more promising to be a very interesting year!
Things are about to start picking up, with SXSW coming, the new listening space The Red Room here in San Antonio, and the new Del Castillo CD, Brotherhood, due out.
Oh yes, and the delightful new release from Buttercup, Hot Love, still avaiable by phone to listen to. Details available on their website, Lanky's been recording supposedly, and Billy too, though mostly for Steve Poltz. Jelly Jar has been back at Smilin' Castle Studios with producer of the year, Rick Del Castillo at the board. Like I said, 2006 looks to be an interesting year!

I personally could not be happier! After all, music is everything.

hope you enjoy- join the 24,000 other hits that have graced my lil site in the last year and a half! :)

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