Monday, February 13, 2006

Lanky's Curse

(from myspace be continued here shortly!)

Yes, That's what I am. I have a new title: the Stringbreaker. No kidding, I have seen this guy four times in the last few weeks and he has broken strings at every gig- tonight- TWO!

I really wanted to just fade into the woodwork when he turned and looked at me. " It's you." was all he said and I just tried to find a way to hide! and laugh. Poor guy! and me too! I feel like I shouldn't go out to see him anymore!

That really won't be a problem for me, since he will be out of state for awhile. Damn. I just want to know if he keeps having trouble when I am not there.......I mean, maybe it's the full moon, not me!

Lanky, or pardon me, Lancaster, was playing out in Bellville, a village east of Houston. I am going to have to do a write up about the place on my music blog after getting some sleep. It was quite a neat night all the way round, and I guarantee I will go back. I will also be making reservations, as it seemed to be really a popular place. I didn't eat, but could tell the food was world class, and well, the music I have written about before. Despite fussing about with voodoo-ed strings, the Lankster put on a good show.

More about that after I have some time to get passed the road drag. I miss the traveling for the bands- everyone is kind of on hiatus, or playing out of state- but I feel a little out of practice too. The yawns are starting to hurt!

more later!

(safe journey, Lanky. Come home in one piece- you will be missed in the interim. )

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