Monday, February 06, 2006


Current mood: Ecstatic!

Wow! I have had a rough day or two ( I hate mondays!) but I am bustin' open a bottle of Tito's (Texas born vodka for you novices) to toast two pieces of WONDERFUL news!!!!!!

got word this AM that my Billy-bear, Billy Harvey, is working on signing with an indie label. I am so happy for him! His talent deserves to be heard out there, and this is such a great step for him!

And now......

the big news.....

my "son-in-law's" band, BROTHERHOOD, is being courted by a metal label attached to Warner Bros.! They blew Austin on its ear Saturday night, and are being recognised in the streets. I had stopped by Planet K on Lamar early in the evening and upon hearing old worn out Ozzy playing in the store, recommended the metalheads there slip down to Red Eyed Fly to catch my Boys. They did, and then knew Dave when he walked into the store the next day. Rock the hell on!!

They are the Band of the Year in the Edge Magazine, booked for three national act opening slots, and well on their way!! I am so proud I cannot sit still at the moment!! Go listen to the guys. Come out and hear metal dne the way it should be. Come see the next big thing before you have to pay $35 a head to get in!!


(and no I won't tone it down! I am so happy for The Hood and Billy. It is about time! now gotta work on a few other folks!)

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