Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You Never Know Who Will Touch Your Life

So says my friend Lanky.
He posted the lyrics to a new tune Monday the 30th, and when I read them, I heard in my head a rockish sort of tune. It seemed a new good venture for him. I then took the time to drive to Austin to see him play at Momo's this evening, and he broke into my heart. Not broke it, but broke into it. He played for his last tune, this brand new piece, and its soft, quiet demeanor ripped through me in a way I had least expected. It sang of people, known for a moment or a lifetime, who have touched this soul, and left it a changed thing. He is now among them.

It is so easy to forget when we walk through this world that we really aren't alone. All the pain and bullshit that gets thrown at each of us on any given day can lead us back into ourselves so far that we forget the things that have molded who we are.
The teacher who reached out a little further than was required, because she saw a hurting, talented soul languishing. The best friend who is there through thick and thin. The one night stand that makes one forever wonder if that was the ONE.
All of it eventually adds up to who we are.

and, Lanky, you are a new chapter in this life. I hope it is not too short a one.

He's about to start a new tour of the midwest and east coast. Go find him, buy him a beer, sit back in the dark, and just listen. I don't believe any could listen well, and not be moved by this songwriter.


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