Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Too long!

Much much too long since I last wrote here! many apologies to all my beloved groups and performers. I have been distacted by a lack of performances going on, and a hyper involvement in an online discussion group.

Frankly folks, I'm bored! And it seems the end of the month, the 28th particularly, is the new real starting point for everyone! SIX performances, from Memphis to San Antonio, and many points in between, all on the same day, and almost the same time.Well, I can't be everywhere at once, so I am headed to Dallas, as long as the weather holds up.
And I want new music! Buttercup and Del Castillo have projects in the can, or nearly so, due for spring release. Where is everyone else?! (I am kidding- just because I have absorbed your 2005 releases and sing them when I am walking around my job should put you on the spot to get another out just yet.)

Sadly, I have little real news for anyone or of anyone. Had a great New Year's Eve with Jelly Jar, but since then it's been a bit dry. Sexto Sol is out some, and I have had to miss the last two Grackle Mundys at the Wiggle Room. It just hasn't been a good beginning for me this year, and I am looking to change it. Come on out here and we will start some trouble to get all of you noticed!

right now, I am off to investigate a new/old band, World Entertainment War. They are defuncted now, sadly, but seem to be full of all sorts of piss-n-vinegar, which should put them right up my alley. I will be back to let you know!

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