Thursday, March 16, 2006

Little Surprises

Well, the first new event in awhile for this one. I met Mando Saenz about 6 weeks ago, due to Lanky,in part. They had jammed together the week before, and along with friend Chris, were all into watching the guy that came on after Lanky at a Flipnotics gig. Blu Sanders was good, but not really my style. Hey, different strokes. I really didn't know that Mando was a singer-songwriter like the Lankster, but should've guessed. Not always on my toes about some things, but then again, the best in the world don't walk around talking about themselves egotistically. Last evening, I went to a place where Mando was performing, with Chris backing him up on guitar. The music seemed a tad country or maybe country rock, which also really isn't me, but then...Mando started to sing. My god, what a voice. That alone, no matter the music, could get me to go see the guy! And Chris, quite adept on the guitar as is, putting in some tremendous back up vocals, and harmonies! I had another obligation up the street but I stayed for the whole set, just to hear them sing. Wow. When you least expect it, ya know?
Go check him out. or I think you'll be impressed.

Hangface. My friend Anna asked me to come up to see them play; she's a big supporter.
The guys are from Norway, and just a nicer bunch of rockers one couldn't hope to meet.
Very tight band, with all the rock-n-roll moves, BUT the music to back it up. It ain't hype; it's what they do. I can't call it metal, and it sure isn't pop, but I hate putting labels on music anyway. I could near all sorts of influences in the sound, from Robin Trower to Floyd to Soundgarden. Still, they managed to make it all theirs and have a great time putting it out there for the world to experience. Too bad the room was so damned live and the sound guys apparently unconcerned with tryig to balance it. According to Espen, the drummer, they couldn't turn the kick up any louder without blowing breakers. Okay, fine, but overcompensating with the floor tom was too much! Well, during insanity week, the sets tend to run a bit short anyhow, so it never got truly overbearing. I just hate it when a band that actually has some musical worth can't be heard well. Punk%2

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