Sunday, March 19, 2006

South By So Wet

I steal the title of a new addition to the SXSW madness, partly in irreverence to the actual event, and partly because it bloody well decided to rain on us! South Texas is bone dry, has been for months, and WHEN does it choose to rain?!Well, one has to give the gods a few points for having a sense of humour.
South by So Wet, or in some instances, So What, happens down on S. Congress Ave., the other side of the river from the "other" silliness.Unsigned, or eclectic bands cannot get a break at SXSW, which sucks beyond measure, so some people with more open minds to the possibilities out there started this. For about 5 city blocks, there are bands and food and good times, with next to no hassle like the other side gets. There is music and often beer for free and all these musicians get to be heard without having to kiss the music industry's ass. I think this is what SXSW started off trying to be, lo, those many years ago (an awful lot of the participants this year were very small then, or not even born!) Somewhere, somehow, the business end took over and the music lover end got pushed to the back. Used to be the whole thing was held at the now deceased South Meadows arena, had about 150 bands, and cost a whole $10. My, don't we just love progress. It costs that much just to PARK now.

anyhow. Let me not demean the whole thing, because frankly, I had much fun. I could not work in everyone I wanted to see, missed a few I wanted to see again because I miss read the schedule, and frankly was worn thin just trying to get to the stuff I did! I managed to get Billy Harvey, Buttercup, Salim Nourallah, and Lanky worked into the list, and found a lot of other bands rather unexpectedly. I think that's the part about this that I love- when something musically is of value or unique or really well done, it will catch my ear and turn my head, no matter what else is going on. Even at 1 AM last night, I was finding music that blew my mind. In the utter cacophony of 6th St., I heard a punkish metal band that had the most tremendous drummer. I was listening intently when one guy walked out, saw me (my adopted kids are ALL older than this guys was) and asked me in all seriousness if I really liked that kind of music. I had to be honest and say not really, but I have one mother of a drummer brother in Machine Head and I know what doing it

right sounds like. The drummer in this band, Faux, (mispronounced "fox"....gotta love the education system in this country...) was a really talented guy. I could hear what would sell their CDs....just not to me.

Let me publish this one, and I will continue as fast as I can! Much to report!!

First off- The Flying Club!!! Wow! light jazz from Heaven!
Check them out at
Again, WOW!

more soon!!

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