Monday, March 20, 2006

SX So Weird

Well, I just got most of my pictures back today from this busy weekend, and though most are of my longtime standbys, there are some little bits of fun in there. The weekend was capped off by a surprise visit to the De Sol stage by los hermanos Del Castillo and El Lobo Ruiz for a few tunes. Got some pix of that, though with 10 people on stage at one time, it just looks crowded! I was so tired all day today it was tough to get through a pretty normal Monday at the med clinic. The upside is that I keep replaying of this insanity week in my head and would love to have been able to tape it to watch again.

I am going to back up to my first trip up to Austin, and talk about Mando again- I missed the other gig I had the chance to see, partly because I misread the schedule. Well, if you could see how I wrote it all down, you might understand. I am really not happy about it, because I wanted to hear this guy again. His music was the first of a weekend of discovery for me, and damn it, it may be awhile before I get to hear him, and some others again! But, when he played, I was on the other side of town, at Schultz's Beer Garden for Buttercup's performance, and I have to say I am glad I was there. They were so playful, so funny, I am glad beyond words I didn't miss it. The pictures will show some of it, but I only had one roll with me and missed the final tune, the Kinks' "Demon Alcohol", during which Erik blindfolded Joe, who then staggered, dropped and rolled like, as he put it,Foster Brooks, without missing a note. (ok, that reference will tell you exactly how old you are. Who can tell me what show Foster Brooks was a regular on?) They won over a lot of people with this set, I must say. On after them was the Texas legend Ray Wylie Hubbard, who I haven't seen play in over 20 years. He was good, his band excellent, but the high point was his special guest: a 12 year old blues guitar wiz kid. Sadly, his name didn't make it to my ears, but DAMN! (He reminded me of Kenny Wayne Sheppard back when he was learning and sometimes sitting in with Stevie Ray.) He used a full sized guitar, and had strong enough hands, at that age, that he popped the 'g' string. The guys lent him another guitar and kiddo just kept on flooring me with his playing. I don't think I have tried harder to shake a musician's hand in many a year. I hope he can keep his head on as he gets further out into the music world. Kenny took the hard road and made it out scathed but still going. I would love to see this new one when his Kenny's age now (about 33, I think); he will be a monster.

From there is was back to South austin, to Threadgill's to catch Billy Harvey's band. they were opening for Bob Schnieder(sp?) This was the first place I saw BH with a band, and this night was even better than the first. billy, well, i have raved about his songwriting here before, but he really does do it for me. there is such a sense of humour and yet heart to what he does. The guys did a blistering set, through most of which a few of us danced (Austin can just be so damned stuffy sometimes!)and then billy decided to play his answering machine for us...

In all seriousness I have no idea what the hell the thing he was playing was, but it made an interesting change to his tune "Barnaby Jones." Somebody go frisk him to tell you what it is! Oh hell, nevermind---I'll do it myself! :p He's just too cute.

Ended up calling it a night not long after that, which was just as well. I had been up since 5.30 AM, worked until 1PM, drove straight to Austin, partyed with my friend and biz partner Delphine til after 12AM.....the bed was calling! I slept for about 7, 7 and a half hours, got up and started it all over again.....but that's for another blog!

Pictures will be up as soon as I can. Got the Red Room to get on it's feet, and a job to hold down. Just wish it was something a little closer to the music that makes my long weeks worthwhile. Love you, guys.

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