Sunday, December 04, 2005

Casual Encounters Don't Come With a Warning


hadn't realized how very long it has been since I have sat down and written at my journals! My apologies to any band out there feelinga tad neglected. I have been spreading myself too thin of late.

The above title is snitched from one of my more recent discoveries: Lanky. Out of New Jersey, by way of Houston currently, he was the host for a Songwriter's Round in Houston the first time I saw him. Billy was one of the guests that night, which is the main reason I went. Came away with much more than I started with! I went to Lanky's myspace site, and then his own site, and was blown away by the strength of his words. Just yesterday I also realized listening to one of the CDs in the car that he writes happy music. No matter the subject of the lyrics, the music is up and dancable much of the time. He is quite a wordsmith, something yours truly can definitely relate to, and the two forces put together are downright infectious. I cannot figure out why the record companies out there cannot see/hear what I am finding out here. But then again, i hate the music industry for what it does to artists usually, so it would be a very double edged sword to lose any of my current music focuses to a megacompany.

I have covered so much turf in the last couple of weeks I don't know quite where to begin. I am going to make myself a list here and try to get back in later to write a squib or two about everybody. And yet, I am supposed to be driving to Austin yet again tonight! I am kinda hoping for a peaceful time in the week or two around the holidays, but we'll see!

Anyway, peace for now, and hopefully some words soon about these events:

Jelly Jar, at Jovita's and Alice's, with some really special guest appearances.

Billy, at Grackle Mundy, and at Stubb's, and of course, Bend Studio.

Lanky, again at Rudyard's but with a band! and then at Flipnotics

Del Castillo, finally home. Waco, and then San Antonio, soon Austin, and then Houston my god I am tired already!

Buttercup, Grackle Mundy (with corporate sponsorship too!) and at Austin's Ruta Maya.

Brotherhood, at the Backroom in Austin, and The Sanctuary in SA.

......I don't think I forgot anyone.......

now to a coffee house for a breather and a little writing time.

sweet dreams all, and support live music! I can't do this all by myself! ;)

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