Sunday, November 13, 2005

Torn Between Two Loves

Well, in reality it probably qualifies as more like 6 or 7. I LOVE the fact I am finding all this new music out there. I love the fact that it moves my world into whole new avenues of thought and creativity. I HATE the fact I cannot cover more territory than I do.

Last evening I made my way to Waco and spent some time hanging out with my beloved Del Castillo and a clutch of good friends. Despite having possibly damaged one person's eardrum yelling at the band (as well as giving myself largyngitis), I think we had a ripping good time. The boys were obviously tired and ready for a break, but they pulled it way out in the end. They always do. I don't doubt though that on the drive back to Austin, that van was pretty quiet.
I have been so completely loyal to these guys for so long, I cannot imagine being any other way. I find myself torn nowadays though; there is so much out there, and not just in Austin, which has a glut, but in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. I wish I could get frequently driver miles! I know the I35 corridor too well, and the I10 stretch to Houston almost that well. I drive around Austin now like I did back when I lived there...well, except for the bloody construction on Riverside. (See what I mean?! I don't know SA's trouble spots that well!)

My whole point to this was a little nag that kept at me yesterday. I was painfully torn between going 180 miles to see DC and staying in SA for Pseudo Buddha or stopping in Austin for Billy Harvey. And I have similar conflicts in the next couple of weeks, not just involving Del Castillo! They shouldn't feel put out. I have just loaded my plate too full and can't get enough of any single music group to fill up the hole they fit into. Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, DC is going to win a fair number, though not all, of the debates. I don't know that anyone will even notice I am not there anyway, but I have to make a choice. Despite my best efforts, I have not yet figured out how to be two places at once. And trust me, I have tried.

Like I should be bitching. I have heard and found so much music lately, many many amazing singer songwriters and some tremendous bands. Most others would be overwhelmed, and perhaps to a point I am. I cannot seem to fit them all into the schedule right now. If I wasn't so addicted to music, i would put them all aside for awhile, stand back and try to get some perspective. But I am an addict. I admit it freely. and this may be more addictive than smack- thought I doubt anywhere near as harmful, save to my sleep schedule.

I think I am trying to apologise to all the bands I follow. Most of you are music nuts too, and should understand to some extent. I just am one person, and there is only so much of me to go around. I have to make decisions, and I don't want a battle of the bands. Good lord, if I could get all of you together into one huge gig and then invite the world to hear what I have found, I would. If I win the lottery, it will happen. Probably on the east coast of Costa Rica. On the beach. Sort of a midlife spring break. (okay, even I chuckled at that! The mental images are funny and scary at the same time!)

I want that watch Bart Simpson once found- I want to stop time so that I can be more than one place. It bothers me to no end that I have to miss something. It feels like being young again and not wanting to go to bed, 'cos you KNOW your parents do neat stuff when you aren't there. I just don't know quite how to do it. And I'm sleepy anyway.

love you.

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