Sunday, November 13, 2005

oh dear gawd!!

Is it not bad enough that when I go to the grocery store I hear things like Talking Heads and the Pretenders- not remakes, THEM- playing glibbly over the muzak machine?! Is it not enough to know that they are in fact old enough to qualify as OLDIES, no matter what they once meant to me!?
Now they taunt me with the worst: the Partridge Family on DVD.

will the humiliation and degradation never end?!

I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West, curling into a greasy spot of smoke and goo, "I'm melting!!".....

(I am joking of course. I could care less if some silly person ever found anything useful about that vile little show. Better that you watch it at home, behid closed doors, all alone, than put it back on TV. Not that I watch much of that either.
But I am getting tired of feeling old. whatever happened to the irritating stuff they used to play on muzak when I was a kid?! Now we irritate the younger ones with rock-n-roll? Seriously, it is time for me to move to Alaska.)

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