Sunday, December 18, 2005

Seasonal Greetings

taken from my MySpace blog:

Sad Songs

A friend on myspace sent out a list " songs that make you cry", and ironically she had listed the first song that comes to mind for me: Perdename, by my beloved Del Castillo.

DC is one of many unsigned bands I am into, but by far the most important to me. I have been a fan from the first time I heard those amazing flying fingers of the DC brothers. They are both world class guitars and absolutely astounding to listen to and watch. The other guys are just as important; Del Castillo would not be what it is without any of them- they are a family - but the first impression most people have is of those astounding guitars.

Perdename means forgive me. This particular song is about remembering to forgive one's self; it is in the spiritual way to learn forgiveness, but mush of the time we forget that we too are deserving of our own forgiveness. We make mistakes, we hurt others and many times without meaning to. To hold a grudge aganst one's self for being as human as any other limits one, keeps the possiblity of growth down.

Whatever your faith, in this holiday season that has lost so much of its meaning to crass commercialism, I wish you the little step inside yourselves that might open the door. I hope you can forgive yourself- and be free.


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