Sunday, December 18, 2005

Silent Night

Now, I have heard the above song done in Spanish for years, living here in San Antonio, but I don't think I have heard it quite so pretty or passionately, until last night. Yup. Del Castillo covered Silent Night.
It wasn't quite as moving as Perdename, but it was so sweet....I wish I could've captured it on tape, video, audio, whatever, to share with everyone who couldn't make it to the gig. It is a good thing to find reasons to truly be uplifted in this season, which ends up being so full of tension and bad manners because people are putting themselves in debt.

My drive to Houston was tension ridden because I was running late. I got there JUST before Los Super Vatos got on, but I did get there, and I think I got some good shots.
I delivered the cupcakes to Rev for his birthday (we are a little less than a year apart in age, so I make a point of this one!) and the holiday cards for all in the band and crew, threw myself in front of the stage and waited with baited breath! (Okay, I'll downsize the drama...)

I remembered quickly why I usually stand closer to center stage; I love watching the brothers play, but, ya know, it's possible to be too close to somebody during a performance! For the second time in nearly three years, I could have tied Rick's shoes laces together! I love these guys, but that will be the last time for that for awhile! And I missed the interplay with all the guys. I did have a number of friends around me which made the placement special, but the whole band means a lot to me, and I felt kind of separated. Good pictures are tough at that angle too, though I think I got some spectacular ones of Mark and Rick playing. We'll see.

The guys are starting to feel the effects of the road. They are pulling out old tunes I haven't heard in nearly two years, including one that would've convinced many of you you were listening to a 60's acid band. They did Luz A Me Paso, something I haven't heard live in at least two years! What wonderful harmonies.
And generally they pulled out the stops because it was the Last Show of the Year, and the Last Year of the Show, whatever the hey that means! They were a little goofy and a little relieved to be getting some time off. It was a great night all the way round.

due to upper respriratory trouble, I am running late on this, so it goes to press now with more commentary to follow. I have a couple of long weekends coming up, and hope to catch up on a lot of people's performances.

Blessed holidays to all. May peace between humans become a reality in our lifetime.


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