Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pardon me if I whisper....

I have lost my voice.
It got left somewhere in Antone's last evening after I spent way too much time yelling at bands and trying to sing along over 120 decibels of DC playing.

You'd think I'd learn.

It has been a really busy weekend! I missed the first of DC's double-header at Antone's to be here in SA for Billy Harvey and his band. They played a wicked set at the Broadway Bar, and as I predicted to the nervous Billy, made some fans along the way. No, it ain't like playing at Flips or Bend Studio, where you have a fairly rapt and involved audience, but hey, if you wanna get heard, you gotta get out there.
I know Del Castillo has had their share of playing to small and even indifferent audiences. Hell, last night, during my dear Perdename, I could hear a roar of conversation in the back of the room. Ticked me off, but what can you do? Some people show up at places to be seen, not to see.
I know the power of music though, and there will always be a few who will listen, hear and return again. The best of the best don't make it to the "Top" through gimmicks and flash. They make it through the music, pure and simple. (I keep telling Billy he needs to get out into the rest of the world, take the guitar and play wherever he can. I don't think he gets it yet.)

Now the Antone's gig was exhausting. I had seen the same series of groups here in Helotes, and I don't know what the diff really was, but I nearly didn't have any reserve for my Boys! I love Los Super Vatos! They are so much fun, and they love to play. Period. I think a lot of the newbies around me were skeptical at first, but they warmed up to them by set's end. Del Sol should thank them, 'cos everyone was in a good mood for the next band. These guys had sounded too loud and not well mixed in Helotes. I don't put in my earplugs much, but I had that might. Also -couldn't hear the singing at all, over the sheer volume. At Antone's, the mix was much better, thus so was the set. I could get into what they did...well, until the guy with the camera turned up. I understand, but it wasn't well done on his part. They were videotaping the set, which is cool, but interfering with new fans while they are trying to listen to the band, well,....unprofessional. Luckily, the same thing didn't happen during DC's set. I would've been unhappy.

Don't really know why, but DC did tape part or all of both nights. I am afraid I may end up on the damn thing too, which I am not fond of, but it is the price one has to pay sometimes for being an insane fan. I must state though that there are reasons I am BEHIND the camera, not in front of it. I mean, how many pictures of ME are there on my Webshots site?! Max of six I think, and all with DC band members. Only reason I would allow it.

Oh well.

I will have to write a review of they Boys' performance on the computer and post it later. I am tired right now, and am going to mention only today's event, then go get some rest.
Austin musicians Slim Ritchie and Francie Mojo lost their house to fire the other night, and out at Alice's today there was a benefit to raise money to help them out. My friend Casey and I went out to add our support, and I was quite moved at the number of people who turned out. I have never seen Alice's that busy, or full of love. Kat's Meow played a terrific and fun set. Jelly Jar played with an absolutely packed stage! and a couple more groups came up after them, but I was too pooped o stick it out any longer.

A great weekend, with lots of great people. Whenever I start getting bitchy or whiny about how life sucks, I just have to re-read entries like these. I am surrounded by so many neat people, musicians, fans and else, I have to count my blessings.
I got more than way too many folks.


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