Saturday, December 08, 2007



Two months without looking at this site. One would think I hadn't been up to much- not true! Traveled to see my Del Castillo buds, first to Corpus, then to Austin. Caught several Buttercup gigs, though I have yet to make it to one of their Austin Tuesday Grackles. Weeknights are just tough to do, ya know? I payed for going to austin to see DC.

Got some WONDERFUL news the other day! My step brother's band Machine Head has been nominated for a Grammy! I am so happy for them! Dave's been in the band for 12 years, and all but one of their six albums, and it is about damn time the Industry in this country recognised them for the talent they are. I was so pissed at Roadrunner US when they fired MH! Roadrunner UK had its head on though, and after the album Through the Ashes of Empires took Europe by storm, RR here wised the hell up! I was livid about the treatment the guys got, and wasn't happy when they re-signed with them, but I know they didn't go with any half-assed contract. And the new union has paid off mightily for both sides now!
I will actually watch that damned award show ( I hate that junk....what a waste of time!) Just to see Dave and the guys in the audience. Maybe I will get a friend to TIVO it, so's I can skip over all but the important parts. Who knows- maybe they will ask Machine Head to PLAY the awards! That would SO rock!

Haven't been out to see much local talent lately. Just cannot seem to motivate myself into smoky, noisy bars. The occassional coffee house will have something that interests me, but on the whole, this city is once again lacking a place for true alternative musical approaches to be heard. There was many a night where I wanted to be elsewhere, but I really do miss the Red Room. We gave the unique a place to be, and while the audiences weren't always there, the artists loved it. Doors opened as a result, but not enough, and I think I am feeling the withdrawl. Need a dose of Billy Harvey, or Matt the Electrician, or a thousand others that passed thru our doors. Sigh.

Maybe it is the season that is making me sentimental.

And yesterday was the anniversary of that bad,bad day in 1980. I wrote about it in detail last year, so won't this time. Instead,a link:

This is a site run by Yoko, for the same cause she and John spoke out about for years.
Go visit, send a message to the peace memorial, and remember the positive that John Ono Lennon brought to, and left with this world. We still miss you, bro.


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