Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little Bit of Silence, A Moment of Prayer

My gods.

This season always seems to bring tragedy to light more distinctly than others. I guess it is the move toward empathy being made for once in the year. It often doesn't survive the present wrappings being dumped in the trash.

December 17th saw two deaths in my world- Dan Fogelberg, after fighting cancer for two years, and Manford Del Castillo, one of Rick and Mark's older brothers.

People at work today could actually see the pain on my face, though I spoke to none about it. I know my brothers in DC are all hurting- they grew up pretty much together in Brownsville, so this hits more than just the brothers in the group. It is quite a blow, and at a really bad time. Not that there could ever have been a good one.

Manny was in a wreck with an 18 wheeler. I don't know all the details. The truck driver was hospitalized. Manny was DOA. He left behind a wife and a couple of sons.
and several grieving siblings, cousins, parents and countless friends.

Six months later, I go ahead and publish this. Manny would be so very proud of his brothers, esp the confirmed bachelor who isn't anymore. The band is tighter and busier than ever, and they carry Manny's love for the band with them all the time.

Watch over them, Manny.

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