Thursday, February 10, 2005

Well, the Cat's

out o’ the bag!

I can stand it no longer. I have no idea who reads this little blog, but I have to tell SOMEONE!
Members of Del Castillo, in the guise of Chingon members, will be in the audience at the Grammys this Sunday.
I hate the fucking Grammys. They are nothing but inner-biz politics and sales representation. Hence why a band like Los Lonely Boys can get several nominations for a mediocre recording and DC goes without a contract STILL, though they are far superior musically as a band. Not to speak of more original. There’s a reason I haven’t talked about LLBs before in this blog. They were unimpressive in concert, period. Both times I put up with staying to watch their set, the first thing played was a blatant Stevie Ray Vaughn rip-off riff. It didn’t get much better from there- they were just bubblegum with a mildly (i.e., inoffensive) Latin touch. Big whoop. Luckily, I know many many people were turned onto DC at those gigs and have come back for more.

Anyway, I will be taping the Grammys to do a little crowd watching, see if those shining DC faces turn up sometime. They are actually up for an award as part of the Kill Bill No. 2 soundtrack. Movie was stupid as far as I was concerned-an utter waste of 2 hours, were it not for the music. Tarantino is a warped, sick fellow as far as what he thinks of as humour, but he does seem to appreciate music of quality. I hope they get the award, though I do have a soft spot for the Bellville Rendez-vous tune. Another very strange flick (The triplets of Bellville) but WONDERFUL music.

Oh well. Enough for now.
I have 12 rolls of film sitting on this desk, waiting to be unloaded to my website. I think I had best play a little catch-up.

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