Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Pop Tarts

Don't you love that title?! That is, when it is applied to such pop music garbage as, say, a Britney Spears or such. Any little piece of mediocre talentless trash that gets up the success ladder by shaking ass and tits (fake doesn't matter in this biz, remember?) is now offically a Pop Tart.

Heard that on the TV tonight while waiting for George Lopez's show. Funny!

As for DC on George's show, something of a let down. None of the true talent of the musicians on that stage was allowed to be seen. Unless one counts a twangy version (almost Don Ho!) of the traditional "Here Comes The Bride." Shame really. I can't even count it as real exposure for them, which is a shame. I know they were all psyched up, and I hope they themselves are happy about what finally made it to the screen, but I am not. I know they got to rub elbows with much hollyweird folk, and probably made some good connections, but I want to see what ended up on the cutting room floor when all was said and done. I know it was better than the minute or so they got on the screen.(incidentally, drums on the wedding tune made itsound like a dirge!)

And the two guitar brothers were playing ELECTRIC too! Someday, someDAY, i will get to see them do that live.......

Oh well. I won't be posting any negativity on the message board, 'cos I dearly love these guys. The last thing I want them to be is upset by my little opinion. I also don't know who reads this blog, but whoever does should know by now, I am not one for mincing words. Del Castillo is worth much more than they got from this. I am kind of glad the whole band didn't go- it would've been even more of a blow to see so little of them.
Chins up, my sweet gentlemen. I have said it before: your time will come, but not in the standard manner of the business. You are unique, and should be experienced on a personal level. I will be at your side in support for as long as you will tolerate me, and will spread the word wherever I can. I just wish I could protect you from the ugly, chew-em-up -and-spit-em-out part of the business.

I love you guys. Better things will always be heading your way.

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