Sunday, February 20, 2005


Life is full of trade-offs...compromises, I suppose one could call them

DC having to switch from Antone's to La Zona Rosa. There was just something about the general atmosphere at Antone's that the hyper security at LZR kind of didn't do well in promoting. We were cattle to be herded, not fans and customers to be shown any respect.

All in all it was a great night of music again, but if it hadn't been for that, I would be tempted to not walk in the place again. It offered nothing, save a slightly larger setting for the band. [shrug..]
I was there for the band after all. Some seats wouldn't hurt though.

Life is full of trade-offs. Bad night for we camera freaks. During the first two bands, no one said a damned thing about the flashes of cameras, but many of us got called down during DC's set. Thus now I have two great rolls of Vallejo pictures and next to none of my boys. That's cool though. I got to chat with the guys in Vallejo a little as they were loading in earlier in the day and I really like them. I will be setting up an album on my Webshots site for them, and some of the other bands I have shot while out following DC.
They deserve recognition too. And kudos to Ghandaia! A Brazilian band that also blends in some African influences, they had the crowd hopping. I daresay the other two bands might have been feeling a little threatened?? (nnaahh...they know we're faithful.) Lots of folks made their way out of the back to see what the big deal was. Crowds don't usually take quite so easily to a new, somewhat unknown opening act.

I did complain to AJ a little bit during Vallejo's set. They were so damned high energy I was exhausted before DC even had a chance! He grinned at me and said "It's okay, they'll work you up." Brat! But I must say I am truly impressed with these fellows and so are a lot of other people who hadn't seen them in awhile. I just wish bands like this could get the right kind of exposure in this country -they would be huge.


Life is full of trade-offs.

I went up to Austin early the day of the LZR gig, fully intending to get out and investigate some shoppes in town. Something told me to go by the club early, so I did. I end up hanging out with a few of the road crew while they were setting up. I always know I will like a band if I can relate to their crew. There is just some level of communication between band and crew that shows itself through how the crew reacts to fans. I am never singled out as someone special per se, but I am always treated nicely-

that could be because I cook for them, but I don't think it is all of it.

I also got a brief chance to chat with most of the guys in DC, before the gig, without any other real pressures on them. I like those down times too, because they get to know me and they have learned they can be who they are around me. It can be difficult to know which fans are the nuts who want more than anyone is owed by an artist and which ones sincerely just would like to know the people behind the music. I feel very lucky in having had the time with these guys that I have, It may change soon. Of course, I have been saying that for a year, and while things are moving for them, so has the relationship I have tried to cultivate with them shifted. I can't tell anyone for certain where either thing will be heading, but I feel like they won't forget me quite so quickly now. I mean, who can forget the loony who has put 12,000 miles on her car to be at so many gigs around the state? For that alone, I know I will never forget them.

There was a talkative lil birdie at the location that gave out some info that will hopefully become more than just gossip. The guys will playing at least one gig during the oversized 10 day long SXSW (read south-by-southwest for you novices) media frenzy in Austin in March. They could be opening for either the wonderful Steel Pulse (reggae) or the equally wonderful Neville Brothers (blues .) I can't personally decided which I would prefer to see.
The guys are hoping that this SXSW thing will possibly bring them a contract. I want for them what they want, even though I personally think there are just so many reasons to stay away from big labels. May the Gods, in all their forms, give them what they need, even if it doesn't seem to be what they want. In the mean time, I will continue my own insanity of going to every gig possible, no matter the tiredness later, because I cannot say when the last time I get to be this way will be. And I am sorry guys- the live DVD, the cds, none of it touches me the way you do on that stage. You are pure magic, pure prayer, in action.

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thanks so much for the nice words about Ghandaia. We work hard in our music and it is always nice to hear a music lover who apprecciat our s just bumped into your blog somehow. I am one of ghandaias foder sothank ou, ad come hear us again soon