Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ticking people off

seems to be a talent of mine.
Though he didn't respond on this blog , one fellow did give me feedback on the DC site. Seems he believes that one should support music based on location (i.e., Los Lonely Boys are from Tejas, so we support them...NOT!) Sorry, I go for talent, and usually the eccletic as well. Pop music is a waste of the ear's time. Most metal and rap, and anything too bombastic too. It you have to scream to be heard, or to get attention, chances are you don't have nearly enough to back it up once you get people's attention. Shame too. There are TONS of folks out there with solid talent wasting away on the sidelines, or satisfying themselves with being big fish in the small pond, because it is just too hard to get heard without a gimmick.
Oh well. The Grammys are still on, and I have better things to do, so for the moment, I will hush. If DC really wants awards like this, more power to them. I just hope it doesn't also mean that they will sell out their spiritual side for the glamour and glitze - that dies away way too quickly for most bands, guys. I cannot tell you how many I remember from the '70's, who walked that stage, and are no longer remembered, save by we music geeks. Del Castillo is worth more than that.

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