Sunday, January 09, 2005

That Was Interesting.

I can't say as I would want to do it again, but it was interesting.

Del Castillo played at an Austin Icebats game. That's hockey, not my favourite of professional sports. Well, I get pro sports about as much as I get all the hubbub about movies. Save me, Goddess, from the mundaneness of normality! Should I ever start falling into that category, may my time here be finished!

Anyway, the game was typically rather stupid. It seemed very slow to me at first and then rather childishly played- almost deliberate fighting over the puck the way 2 year olds fight over a toy. Silly. I was allowed to laugh, which I appreciated, especially watching the refs dodge the puck! there are some folks who have a problem with their favourite pastime being mocked, but luckily for me, none of them were around me. They didn't even mind me doing my needlepoint while the game was on. (In a bar, I would have been harassed.)

Anyway, the Icebats won, which made the crowd happy, and then they got a dose of DC. My friend Terri had bought VIP seats and offered me the second one as a gift. We really didn't know what to think of our location until we got there. Let's just say. I will never complain about high stages again....

Several of us DC nuts are used to getting up pretty close to the stage, if not right up front, and to do that last night, we would've had to have been members of Circe de Soleil! This thing was at least two stories off the floor, tiny, and surrounded by stairwells. There was less that a two foot margin behind the stage for the roadies to work. Yikes! not a fun load in, I am sure. (The guys have complained, rightly, about Fitzgerald's in Houston- 2 flights of stairs and no ramps for help at all. )
I took a photo from the floor to show folks what they didn't miss. While the boys still put on a tremendous set, I agree with others- I do not feel like I was fulfilled... well, you know what I mean! Of course, we are spoiled little children about it sometimes. When this band hits the bigtime, it will get steadily harder to get any closer than we were last night. I do not look forward to that. I like the intimacy right now.

I would take the time to report on all the details of the gig but I only saw a few of them! Heard quite a bit more, but could only see a couple of members at a time from where our seats were, and from down on the floor, they all looked about an inch high! Even my opera glasses (well, birding binoculars actually) didn't help much. Then they were about three inches high.....
I should've brought my heavy duty binocs- those things can go out half a mile. I do know that they sounded good throughout that somewhat echo-y hall (thank you, Gary!) except right up next to the stage. According to a couple of people, I should've stood behind the stage- would've sounded like they do in their rehearsal hall.

Rick stretched out on a couple of tunes,which encouraged Mark to, and truly they all sounded like they had a good night. It just probabaly wasn't a good night for most dedicated fans. They did however once again make a bunch of new fans, which is what it was all about. One was even from a magazine called Latino Style, out of LA. Like I said in previous entry, who's to say who might be in that audience?

I'm off to buy tickets for yet another DC event, and then rake leaves as long as I can stand it. Strange how house chores can pile up when you're having fun......

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