Thursday, January 06, 2005

And So It Begins

They are making their mark.

They are finding doors to open for themselves, and yet more are following in that path.

They are going to be huge in the not too distant future, and I am not ready.

I haven't found that point where they fill me up yet.


Del Castillo is such a special band, so very one of a kind, and I have been blessed with being around them for a year and a half now. One would think I would get tired, or have had enough by now, but that is not the case. I love them more each time I see them perform, and I cannot help but love them, their crew, and the family I have meet so far.

I know where a lot of what they are as a band comes from.

This year, 2005, is going to be a very busy and hopefully fulfilling year for these guys. I wish I could watch every move, but I am not yet made of money, so it may not happen the way I wish. It will be fun to see the rest of the world get the vibe, but bittersweet too, because it means I won't get to be at as many gigs. Forty-five gigs in 18 months has got to be some kind of record.
At the very least, it proves both my insanity, and my love of this band.

I will consider whether to keep this blog open soon. I may not have much to write about. I hope I am wrong. at the very least, it will be less often.

In the meantime, I will get to every gig I can, and love them as much as one heart can.
You guys make my heart and soul sing.

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