Friday, January 14, 2005

Note of Passing

I am an old hippie, and my music loves go way back. I read this morning about a death that saddens me, even though I haven't listened to the guy's music for many years. Jimmy Griffin, a founding memberof, singer and songwriter for the band Bread passed away from complications of cancer at an early age of 61.
Yeah, Bread was kind of pop/easy listening, though they could rock when they wanted to. I loved the harmonies and songwriting though. Same vein as, say, early James Taylor- not spectacular musicians, but respectable in their field. Jimmy was a versatile and talented musician, and he leaves a gap out there.

It is not fun getting older- everybody you admired is aging too, and eventually they die. I don't mind losing folks to old age, I regret it when drugs take a toll, but too young to disease bugs me for some reason. I am afraid it will get nothing but worse too.

I remember my mom's mother sitting in her living room once, a forlorn look on her face. She said to no one in particular, though I was the only one there, "All my friends are dying." She herself only had another year or two. I was moved by it then, in my twenties, but sadly now, 25 years later, I also understand it.

Godspeed Jimmy.

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