Thursday, January 06, 2005

now there's a good one...

A sign that a band is making it on a bigger scale- the fans start to judge what is right and what is wrong for the group to be doing. A person on DC's message board complained that playing after a hockey game was beneath the band. I say it is better exposure for the guys: not all people into sports are mindless Neaderthals. The group never fails to make some fans at every gig I have watched them at. If they are going to be a large scale success- something they DO want- they have to be heard by more than just this little legion of localized fans. I am the first to admit I do not want to lose seeing them so much, but I also want them to go where they want to be. Austin is chock full of musicians sitting on their hands because there isn't enough room for everyone to play every weekend. Most of them hold down regular jobs because they have to- the bills wouldn't get paid otherwise! It is really stupid and selfish to tell a band they shouldn't play a gig based on what you as a fan feel they should be doing.
DC's enthusiasm is strong enough that they see the potential in playing this rather prestigious position at a sports arena. Okay, it isn't romantic, it isn't classy, but I know enough about these guys to know they do not see themselves as being above anyone else. They take opportunity where they are handed it. Who knows who might be in that audience? Just such an opportunity is why they are on so many soundtracks before they have managed to land a big company contract. Robert Rodriguez came out, heard these amazing musicians, and wasted no time. Who might be next? No telling.

Well, I know from many years of being around fanatics about this or that group that it doesn't matter what I say, which is why this isn't on the band's message board. I see no point to starting a fuss over one person's opinion. I just had to spew out my own or it would gnaw at me.
I personally detest hockey, but a friend offered me a ticket, so I will be there. I have been told the stage is in the air, which should be intriguing....(hmmmm...I suppose that means that the game WILL infact be beneath the band!....sorry!:) I am packing my opera glasses just in case!
No matter what, I expect to be impressed. I always am with Del Castillo.

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