Sunday, August 26, 2007

The things I do for music......

I am sunburned.

I am dehydrated.

I am soooo tired.....!

And I had a blast making my way to Austin to hang out at Waterloo Park and watch a lot of people become potential new Buttercup fans.

It was so blessed hot and humid, it took awhile for folks to decide to come out of the shade for a song or two, but the boys kept it popping and rocking enough, I think they made some new friends, for when they play INDOORS next up there!

It was the Austin Hot Sauce Festival, and the salsas had trouble conpeting with 95 degree weather and 75% humidity. Chips were gettin' soggy just sitting there! My fellow Del Castillo nut Angie had entered a chocolate-piqian (lil tiny super demon hot chilis) salsa, which she promised to make for one of her get-togethers sometime. Lines to taste the non-pro stuff were long, so we opted out to head to the Texas Chili Parlor for some grub and cool down time.
Man, to think I am doing it again next weekend, willingly, at the Bat Fest for DC....I think the Tejas sun musta fried my mind! At least the Boys are playing after the sun goes down. I may have to sacrifice my front of stage spot, but I might be up to traveling to Corpus the next day, per current plans. They play indoors there!

ah. Must go feed the body some more, and do some chores, then sit and chill before
bed. Been a long weekend. Zee was down here last night with Gypsy Soul, and next Friday is Joe and Hilary, then Saturday in Austin, Sunday in Corpus...good lord, I am tired already! Whew. I thought when the Red Room ended that my life would get simplier. Pphht! Not a chance! ;)

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