Friday, August 24, 2007

The Moon and The Nightspirit

One of the few things about MySpace that has kept me there is the music I have been able to find. I love a band from Finland called Gjallerhorn, and thru them, I found a Russian group called Moon Far Away, and from them, I found the Moon and The Nightspirit. I have become obsessed by the music of this last band. They are fellow Wiccan (that is a PLURAL term, for those not in the know......see my rant elsewhere about that.) and the music is exactly the kind of stuff I would want playing in Circle with friends gathered for a seasonal dance. It is beyond difficult to describe, so I leave you with a couple of links and hope some will check out this wonderful band from Hungary. Makes my gypsy feet want to roam again- Give me my wagon, and a couple of stout draft horses, enough food for the day and rain for the flowers, and I will be content.
namsste all!

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