Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More than 70,000

well... when I started posting my photos online, I would never have believed that so many people would want to look at what I do. Three and a half years, thirty five hundred photos, and over 70,000 hits to that site later, I guess I am wrong. Gives me a warm feeling, though for all this time, I haven't had a single comment posted on that site- only at DC's or myspace. I think it is something to do with having to join Webshots. Dunno. Doesn't matter. Every Friday, when I get the e-mail about that week's stats, I sit there with this silly grin on my face, looking at who has been looked at, and often wondering exactly who is flipping into my site, and why. In my mind, I often accuse the artists themselves of vanity, but have been surprised at how rarely they seem to have seen any of the pictures I have done. I think sometimes it must be new fans, coming onto some bands site, seeing either my comments or a link to my site, and checking it out.
I love taking live concerts shots, but think I may start using an inexpensive digital camera (I am purely analog, i.e.'film', right now) to get some creative work done. Seems it runs in the family too- my dad, my oldest brother, his youngest son, me.....there is definitely an artist's eye running in the genes of this family. If he gives me permission, I will be putting a link to my nephew's flickr site, where he has put up some old slides my dad took around 1964. It will be in my travel blog....seeing that stuff again brought back a lot of memories, even as small as I was then. ( about 5- it was just after the Beatles hit the US shores....)

Pictures....they may not capture the exact moment perfectly, but they can sure trigger memory. I can't look at any of the DC concerts without having a stream of thoughts about each different gig go through my head. Not right now, as it is very late, but sometime soon, I will have to reminisce about some of those trips......different sort of life...I wouldn't trade what I have lived through due to Del Castillo for anything.

namaste y'all.

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