Saturday, July 07, 2007

For the Earth, Or Something Else?

At this very moment, there is a huge international concert going on. It is supposed to be about " a climate in crisis", but I am afraid I have to raise a few points here. In the noblest of gestures, the stages are all supposed to be run completely off alternative power sources. HOWEVER- how many people had to travel to get TO these gigs? What mode of transport did they use? One hundred percent chance that it was something based on the use of petroleum products, one of the worst problems we have created as a species. and of those of us that might have any interest what so ever and no ability to travel, how many are watching it on TV to PC or whatever? Having friends over, BBQing, running the AC more because of more bodies.......the list could go on all day. Fact is, this bloody concert may in fact be generating far more damage than it is being done to bring awareness about. I really don't think all those well-meaning businesses and bands bothered thinking about the domino affect, or worse- chaos theory.

This concert isn't going to do anymore than Live Aid, Farm Aid or Feed The World did. I was a staunch supporter of that last one especially, selling over 1000 singles and 500-600 albums specifically for that cause in my one music store alone. what happened? Government. The bloody government wouldn't let the food and other supplies through into Ethiopia. All that work ended up hitting the wall.

Want to make a difference? Turn off any lights you don't really need. Recycle everything you can. Unplug all appliances you aren't using- you'd be surprised how much power they draw when not in use. Compost if you have a yard, and find someone else who can for you if you don't. Stop buying throw-away stuff, just because it's convenient. Stop driving around for no reason, and learn to use a bike, moped or your feet for the shorter trips.

Every little thing ends up making a difference.

The big things, like this ridiculous gig, really don't. The larger message gets lost in the shuffle. all the mailto:f&$&*@ing media isn't going to change anything. It will have be down here, among the people. And it better start soon

Musicians mean well, and often don't know how to add their two cents in. THIS wasn't the right way. Do you think any of them will change how they tour permanently? No. Do you think for a minute that alternate power sources will become the standard at the majour arenas aound the world? No. Do you think that the majourity of the thousands at the gigs will pick up one piece of trash as they are leaving and put it in the recycle bins? No.

Let's start changing things at home, in our own neighbourhoods, and stop trying to impress the world. Recycle. Re-use. Renew. Cut down on consumption. Give back just a little more than you take. THAT is what will change this planet's direction, and possibly our species.

Oh? Did you think that world was dying? Nah.
She's been through far more than we can do to Her, and she has survived. We are killing ourselves off by ruining all the natural resources provided for us, from sheer greed and gluttony.
We alone will pay the price. Or we can atone, and maybe be forgiven. It truly is up to the individual to make a difference.

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