Saturday, February 10, 2007


I haven't had much interest in writing lately. It's not for a lack of things to report, but probably some seasonally induced malaise. It was broken a bit last evening by a fellow from Austin called John Pointer. John is one of those genius types in music that make you wonder if everyone in the world actually gets equal shares of talent. A multi-instrumentalist who started showing signs of music ability before he could walk, He's one of the people who doesn't just PLAY music- he paints with it. I used the exact same description about Brady Muckelroy awhile back, and I would LOVE to hear these two jam. It is one thing to pick up a guitar and play it as the instructor has taught one to. It is another entirely to become one with the instrument, and make it an extension of your soul. There is something about John's connection to his music, and music in general,that goes beyond ordinary. It is one of those ineffiable qualities that draw me to music.
I have always loved the scene in Amadeus where Mozart is hunched over a pool table, rolling a ball in a repeating pattern around the walls of the table, while he scribbled furiously line after line of music that was obviously running through his head. I get that way with poetry, and I know the mania that accompanys it. If one does not get it out, it can drive one insane. I have long felt that was the reason we lose so many of the best artists so young. It isn;t burning the candle at both ends- it is burning up inside and not knowing how to douse the fire that consumes.

alright.....perhaps a bit dramatic, but I tell you, it is the point between genius and insanity. A curse of our higher brain power, I guess.

Back to John- he's definitely of this ilk, and I encourage you to find him, and go see him. Oddly enough, you may have and not have known it. He was the beatbox guy on one Chili's ad, which you can see at his website. i do not watch enough TV to be certain, but I vaguely remember it. The beat box he did at the Red Room last night was mesmerizing, and his version of Stairway To Heaven just astounding. He's a oneman band for sure! I seriously look forward to his return.

I owe manymany peoples write ups, and hope that this may mean a return to my self. It has just been a strange month or so for me. Oh! and thanks to anyone who may have tried to help DC out with their equipment problems! I haven't heard much since then, but figure the insurance company covered a lot of it. What was Sentimental may not be replacable, sadly.
I have a gig at the RR tonight, and ne for my son-in-law's band Brotherhood, and I need to get on horse. Tomorrow is quiet. who knows? Maybe I will finally get back on the horse!


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