Saturday, February 17, 2007



The Seven Deadly Sins...........I am no Catholic, but I know these things well, and they are ALL the hallmark of this society. Big business wants nothing more than to keep getting bigger, until it BIGs itself right out of existance. This is truly Rome, and Rome is burning. There is no place for the little coffee house-just Starbuck's. And yet....the little coffee houses, locally owed and run, are finding a place again, despite being out priced and shoved out of the primest spots. Personal care, and local accessability do make a difference over fast food attitude.

I am pissed off because something of an equally large nature out there in the music world has tried to stomp on something small and new and local, out of pure pig-headed greed. It is obvious that the mega-monster that happens in Austin once a year has forgotten completely its roots. It now only cares about big fat dollar signs and celebrity. MUSIC no longer is the centre of its world.

The Red Room, and that crazy person Delphine, lit a fire about doing our own sort of music festival here, in a couple of venues, for all the wonderful indie music we have come across in the last year. Response has been tremendous, and frankly astounding. It is already a success based solely on all the outpouring of help that has come from more corners than I can name.

Perhaps, in the rush of things, the name was chosen for reasons less than honourable- who's to say now? That was weeks ago when this San Antonio event was barely in its infancy! Due to snobby, insecure, petty, greedy vindictiveness, the name has been changed. No skin off our nose really. Quite possibly it is for the better, because it served to remind US, all those involved in this brand new thing, that it is NOT related to Austin, save for the Austin acts coming to play here who can't get a fair shake in their own town. WE love you! WE hear your talent! and WE celebrate your coming. I personally am really looking forward to the line-ups the girls have put together for the Red Room. It's gonna be a nutty week, and I may have to hospitalized a couple of people after its done (!) but it is also going to seriously raise San Antonio's attention to what can go on here. And I already know this is just the beginning. Larger things, beyond this one, are already in the planning. and as big as the event up there may be, San Antonio is literally bigger.
There is so much room to grow down here, and not a whole lot more up there. I kow. I've been watching since the beginning.

we are now SA INDIE FEST.

Is that a great name or what? Simple, to the point, and all San Antonio.

This is the home of Augie Meyers, Doug Sahm and the Sir Douglas Quintet, Freddie Fender, Flaco Jiminez, Pat Green, the Texas Tornadoes, Lara & Reyes, Shawn Sahm, Selena, Pitbull Daycare, the Union Underground, and more Tex-Mex, conjunto, flamenco, mariachi and Tejano bands than I can possibly ever list! Our musical heritage is huge and WONDERFULLY diversified. We are home to indie music, hip-hop, pop, rock, metal, country, not to speak of our magnificent orchestra!
We do not appreciate the variety of sounds coming from any street corner, any given day of the week, due to some silly belief that Austin has something more. Sure, there's live music there everyday, but most of those same people have to get up the next day to go to "real" jobs.
Meanwhile, the Jim Cullum Dixie Jazz Band wows our multitude of tourists and locals down on the Riverwalk! And they do it because they love to play. Too many live in Austin thinking they can become the "next big thing" by staying in a specific place long enough. then reality sets in, along with all its bills, and everything changes.

Okay, I am getting off the subject a bit, but damn it, San Antonio is NOT a truly lame place to be, and we are out to prove it. I hope everyone will consider giving us a chance, and come check out what Delphine and her insanity crew are trying to do. BIG isn't always better. The smaller morsel, served up with eloquence, can make for the more memorable meal.

and no, we aren't doing anything with the movie industry. We just really don't care that much. Music, from the heart and soul, is far more important.

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