Saturday, March 10, 2007

Verdict is in

i wanted to come online this AM to RAVE about Zeegrass, but as I was checking out at Taco Garage with some food, I saw a headline: Taco Land Murderer Given Death.

I then wanted to title the new piece swimming around in my head "Ram Has Been Vindicated."

then I read the article, and was reminded that, while the guys who killed Ram and Doug deserve the sentence, it was no easy desicion, and never a clear end to the situation. It is tough for someone who is devotedly pacifist to also believe in "eye for an eye".........there is a conflict there that requires thought. And I cannot personally gloat over the verdict, knowing that still another life will end due to this tragedy. Where does the violence of one human against another end, and how do we draw the line?

I do not have any answer for that.

For those who don't know, Ram Ayala was the owner of Tacoland, one of the most reknowned places in SA to give new and different music a chance. He helped nuture an awful lot of what is still growing in this city, and his presence, and always willing hand, are sorely missed. It will be two years soon, since he and Gypsy Doug were murdered in cold blood over less that $100, and another employee left fighting for her life. Tacoland, once a haven for music here, and friend to all who just wanted to play, has been silent and empty ever since. Everyone who knew it has been changed forever.

And I do not think this verdict will change how we feel about our loss. Justice served? Maybe.
But it cannot bring back what we all know can never be replaced.

I personally think we need to pray for all of us, that we as a species can grow up, and stop killing each other, and our only home- this planet- before any of us will find true peace.

It is a bittersweet ending. Everything changed, and yet nothing really changes. Rest in Peace,Ram, Doug, and know you are still so very missed.

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