Monday, January 08, 2007

Call to Arms, and damn it! this SUCKS!

Get aload of this above article. Someone, or probably oneS, stole Del Castillo's tour trailer. DAMN it! Not that anyone who has busted tail to build up equipment deserves such things, but these guys are just great people, and this really SUCKS.

Pardon. I have been raving for two days now. On top of being ill, which hasn't helped my mood a wit! I have finally started getting the urge to write back and then this. And yes, I DO take it personally. These guys are my friends, and my most beloved band. This will put a serious kink in what they might be able to accomplish this year. They have been going full out since the last CD was released.
I only hope that everyone grows stronger for the experience, though I pray not paranoid.

There have been some great gigs at he RR lately, and I was all set when I started being able to take a deep breath without coughing up a lung to write all about them!
At least I have been getting the pictures up. I am afraid my time will be spent for awhile looking up things on line, and talking to all sorts of music folk to try to help DC.
Send them some good vibes, and bear with me. I will write about Buttercup's fantastic two-nighter at the RR, and then Matt the Electrician, ethan Azarian and Marcus Rubio at the RR as soon as I can.

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