Thursday, June 29, 2006


A few years back I found a series of very inexpensive Cds that showcased a wide variety of world music bands form Scandinavia and parts of the UK. I fell in love with one group n particular, the name as the title of this blog. Just bought one of their CDs and am now convinced I will go see them however I can during their lengthy US tour this year.
How to describe them....Some folk, some pop, some new age, some old age.....As a pagan I can relate. The Gods are still here, and praises are sung to the skies by this band. Go find out for yourself:

Don't be surprised if you can't understand anything. They are Finnish, and sing in Swedish. But it doesn't matter. They get the point across. How many of you really understood the Latin you heard in church? yet you knew what they meant. This is a new kind of church for many of you. Welcome.

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