Sunday, June 18, 2006

Double Timing

(she sits at the PC and screams in tones unheard by most in her life. The ##@%%$!#@%&
machine just dumped over two pages of writing she had done on WORD!! Egads, the aggravation! She is of the school wherein writing should be a spontaneous thing initially, but will do her best to recapture the last thirty minutes of writing...'cos it was really kinda funny....damn.)

and no, that title has no relation to the term two-timing!

I have spent much of this weekend trying to do more than most folks would do in a month. There has just been so much music going on. I have been in attendance at the Red room , then packed it up and flown over to some other venue to catch another set. Luckily, it has worked out this weekend! There have been a few where I screwed up and missed everything due to trying to travel too much. And I am way behind on writing about so many of our lovely acts that have been through in the last couple of weeks. And my refridgerator decided to die on me(trip to Sears to buy a new one....) and now my house's AC unit is screaming like a belt is loose (they don't have belts...), then there's the 40 -hour workweek.....Is it any wonder that most people who come to the RR see me with an energy drink in my hand instead of a beer?

ANYway, I have yet another gig in a couple of hours, and a couple hours worth of things to do before then. I will add more to this in a few hours. I wish all of you could be at the room for tonight's gig: Joe Reyes and Hilary York. I think this will be quite special.

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