Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Marcus kinda stole my blog title for this, and really it’s about more than just him anyway, so......

It has been a really busy 4-day weekend! Rest?! What the hell is that? And there is still far too much on the RR’s plate for the next 10 days. I will NOT be staying for all the performances. I have a real job to do, and that’s the one that pays the bills. *sigh* and I used to complain how busy my life was just because I was driving all over the silly state! Scheez.

I don’t really think I have a title for the first segment here, but I have much to say. Spencer Gibb and Rachel Loy came down the other evening. They are half of a band called 54 Seconds, out of Austin. I heard a lot of hubbub about Spencer’s lineage, but wasn’t quite sure what I would be hearing. I was more than pleasantly surprised- I was floored. (I seem to be using that term a lot lately......)
Spencer is the son of Robin Gibb, one of the BeeGees, but I see and hear only the smallest of resemblances. The style of song, the depth of word are so different from what most people would know of the BeeGees. I loved them for their pre-disco music- the harmonies and soulful songs, and I cannot thank Robin enough for this son of his. Other than the quaver in his voice occasionally, I hear few other comparisons, but Spence obviously has a wonderful and long musical back ground.

What was I waiting for? I don’t think I knew; this was a blank slate for me. Rachel and Spence are both very nice people, easy to work with, and obviously at ease with each other. Their combined sense of humour added delightful entertainment to the stage- I haven’t laughed that much at a gig in a long time.
They are both accomplished songwriters, and good singers. I am afraid Rachel took the award for vocals though- she has great control and a wonderful range. Many people try to use areas out of their range and there’s often a gap in their slides through notes. Not so Rachel! She hit pitches that made me cringe (by no fault of her own- I have very pitch-sensitive ears) but the execution was flawless, every time. Just a clean, clear, well-trained voice. It was a perfect compliment to some wonderful songs, many of which truly touched the heart...or the funny bone.


Okay, life is just too busy! I will have to finish this thought as I can.

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