Saturday, July 23, 2005

Heart, Soul, and Roots

Ya know for anyone who reads past the most recent entry here, it has got to get boring how much I talk about Del Castillo. Most bands would love to have such a nut on their side, but it always sounds like a bit much from a fan's perspective.

But man, they just do it for me.

I cannot seem to find a point where they fill the space around them so fully that they can't possible add anymore to it. And they have brought me the most amazing array of new music along the way!
Take Monty Montgomery, for instance. I had never heard of the guy, but now plan, while my guys are out of the road, to go catch this fellow and his band locally. It isn't DC, but he did impress me, as did his bass player and drummer. Tremendous trio. I was down front for the jam session between the brothers and Monty that I knew would happen, but I got caught up in his music on the way! And i tell you what- the guy makes the brothers sit up and pay attention on the playing side! He is definitely world-class on guitar, and I have never been one for giving that kind of compliment easily. They all stretched out, which is partly why I am so tired today.

The really fun part was during his encore....the whole of Del Castillo came out, and joined Monty for a song that took me totally by surprise: George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." My friend Casey was with me, had gone to take a seat because his hip was hurting, and was back on his feet, and at the front of the stage before they got two bars into the tune! He is a huge George Harrison fan, and a pretty big DC fan, and now I daresay, a Monty fan! What a great night.

Every time I think I have witnessed tha best these guys have ever done, they pull another gig out of the hat that goes a little further. One would think there is a level of ecstasy where it can go no higher. Perhaps that is the difference between physical pleasure and true spiritual ecstasy. The soul can go places these limited bodies cannotr. And I really do believe Del Castillo has found one of many doors to touch on that place in each of us. It is not merely an individual trip, but a collective effort to rise above what we are that creates these moments. I cannot tell the world how much it has meant to me to make this journey, and meet these people I have along the way. It isn't just the band- I know lots of them. It is the band and the ever growing legion of fans that have made this what it is. It is a Light, in a world desperately in need of it right now. And it shines brighter each time They play and we all celebrate together.

Namaste- Om Sri Sai Ram.

(more later- I am due to drive to Houston today.)

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