Friday, July 01, 2005


I am taking a chance on ruining the surprise, but I don't think they read this blog anyway. I am going to my first out of stste Del Castillo gig tomorrow, in Albuquerque!
And I am coming back through El Paso for the gig there too, just because it was only $20 more to stay overnight and get to see noth gigs.
As far as I know, no one in the band or crew has a clue I am coming out. I have no idea what sort of reaction it will get, but I will try to catch it on film the very least, I am happy to be getting out of this town for a couple of days. Been awhile since I got to travel. Well, other than driving all over the freakin' state because of these guys.
They are going to be super busy the next few months; their new booking agent has got them playing all sorts of places to the East of Texas. Nothing West of ABQ quite yet. At the very least, maybe they can start making a living at what they want to do, rather than what they have to do. That is if gas prices don't eat up all the profits.
I have had one person dig a little and it seems the three who went to Spain were not in fact filming the movie, but rather plotting locations to film. Sounds like a good excuse to me to go play in Europe for three weeks. I am green with envy! I miss the UK so much. The guys did the touristy Beatle thing and walked across Abbey Road, near the studio, where the album cover was shot. These days, that is taking your life in your hands! busy intersection! I hope they got to tour the studio too- it was opened for that late last year. I know they were in awe, if so. I know I was. I only wish I could meet George Martin in person. Tremendous producer.

I must brave the Texas afternoon heat and go scope out Helotes. I am now the street team leader for San Antonio and surrounding area, and the boss wants the stripin Helotes postered. I will give more about the ABQ gig when I get back, and hope to get some good pictures. I just wish I had more time in ABQ- old stomping grounds for me, and a neat town.

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