Thursday, June 02, 2005

Machine Head

I swear the bricks were sweating. I felt them through the heat of the room , the volumous intensity of the band.
I am biased here. I cannot write objectively, and may never be able to about these guys. The drummer, Dave McClain, is my brother, and the rest of his band fall only slightly short of that to me too.
Dave is an amazingly graceful and powerful drummer, the likes of which are not common in the music world. He plays with three other musicians who are of equal calaber, and their combined strength is both formidable and unignorable.
I will write more here later, as I must get up shortly for a day's work that will either fly by due to the high I am on, or drag because of the lack of sleep. Only time will tell which will win out. I hope I can capture after the fact the amazing concert these four gave this evening. I t would be ashame to be anything other than perfect in my descriptions. Just know that if Machine Head should come to your city soon, you MUST go see them. Metal doesn't even ave to be your me, this band has the power to change your mind....forever.

There are NONE like them out there in the world.

(good night, Zander. Hope to meet you soon!)

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