Friday, June 10, 2005

Four Wheelin'

I had to replace the tires on my car recently.
It was a little emotional on my part. Those tires have gone nearly 50, 000 miles for me, 12-15,000 of which were to see Del Castillo. One of the Posse suggested that I get the band to autograph those tires. I was really tickled by that, but I do have my limits for memorabilia! I think posters and maybe someday one of Mike or Rev’s cymbals would be about as big as I would be willing to go.........

Speaking of the band, lots of folks seem to be a little depressed. The board on the DC website has been very quiet that last week or two. It’s tough when there is a lull like this one to find much to talk about I guess. There is a small tour, Midwest and east coast mostly, in the making. The world better get ready,’cos I think the next step to out of state is out of country. At the very least, they had best watch out- some of the guys have taken up acting.

I’m sort of letting the cat out of the bag...or maybe I should call it a kitten, because I don’t know enough details to do much more than frustrate. It seems that during one of the times the band was out in Santa Fe, Alex, Rick and Bert made some connections with a moviemaker. Someone besides Robert Rodriguez, that is. Right now, as I write, the three of them are in Spain, filming for some movie. I don’t know the name. I don’t know who’s making it. I am not even sure of the plot. One of the guys told me before they had seen the script that he thought it was about an ex-drug lord and polo........I haven’t exactly figured that one out yet!
I do know the parts they are playing, at least to some extent. They are playing musicians.
Now how’s that for an acting stretch?
I am hoping for greater details from them once it is wrapped up, but who knows. It could be that this is one of the films that go to a film festival and the rest of us never hear of it again. It may be something larger. Hit the guys up for info next time you talk to them!

And why not the rest of the band? I asked the same thing myself and never really got the reason. I know Alex and Bert speak Spanish, and Rick should to some extent. They all grew up with it. I would think that might be one requirement. I am pretty much in the dark about it. I do hope the maker of the movie will have a US release and get the band there. THAT is something I would pay to go see.
Speaking of which, I need to go call the airline and set up my ticket for my first out of state DC gig. A new step in my insanity about this band: across a border!!

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