Tuesday, June 14, 2005

the Addiction

It doesn't seem to end.
I keep wondering when it will change, mellow out, become a warm spot instead of a fire.
It doesn't.

It has been a month since the last Del Castillo gig I could attend.I just put on the Brothers CD and I am all unhappy now. I miss those guys! I miss the music and the live venues and the friends and the passion...well, the list goes on.

I think my dependancy may have gotten to a point of needing therapy. By American standards, it can't be healthy. Well, that's what the shrinks would have one believe. I cannot see how anything so very uplifting can be bad for someone. It has added light and life to my (and many others') world. There is not enough of that in our world.

It will be nearly three weeks until the next gig. Pray for me. I may be a basket case by then. I'm already nuts!

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