Friday, April 22, 2005


It has been nearly two years since I found Del Castillo.
My world has changed a lot since then, in part due to the increasing large amount of time I have spent listening to them, watching them in concert and getting to know them. It is astounding to me that one band can have such dramatic effect on not just me, but so many people around me. I have been nuts about other bands, and known people who were just as crazy about the group but this has been different. There is a group of folks I have been getting to know better (roadie Steve refers to them as "my posse"....heehee!) and our collective dedication to this group grows with each concert we attend. Many talk about how they feel like they had never really heard music before Del Castillo; one even wondered how she had gotten this far through life without them. Sounds a bit fanatical I know, but the love for the music and the guys who make it is very real.
And quite intense.

Wow. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I sat here to write! It has been a busy and life-changing month for me, on a personal level.

I have been to two DC gigs, one in Bryan, Texas (Near Texas A&M) and then one in Austin at La Zona Rosa. Both were tremendous gigs, the former making a lot of new fans and the latter being a special night for the guys. At the LZR gig, DC "officially" received an ASCAP award for best independent Latin band, and had Robert Rodriguez AND George Lopez (comedian, for any who don't know him) sit in with them.

George did a skit on the band and the event that left me with tears in my eyes! Then he tried palyign a few old classics with the guys that kinda fell through. alex eaither wouldn't sing them, or didn't know the words. Ricky ended up singing Whole Lotta Love, for the amount of time it got played......seems most kids learn the majour riffs, not the bulk of the song......oh well.

Robert played musical chairs with rick and Mark, giving each of them a little time on his gorgeous $5000 custom made electric guitar. What a treat! I have long wanted to hear both of those guys on electric! It was the first time I have really seen him admit that those two both can out play him. That was a good night all the way around.

The Bryan gig was smaller, and outdoors, but was even more fun than LZR actually, at least for me. Maybe it was the tempature (coolish) or maybe it was something else, but all the guys were just in a playful mood that evening. I had loads of fun taking all sorts of photos I wouldn't normally be able to get- behind, beside, all that sort of thing- and I had some time to just hang out with the guys while other bands were playing, which is always nice. It is tough to get down time with any band, an I really enjoy chatting with these guys.

Ah well. Must get back to life- my musician son-in-law is ahaving a birthday today and the barbeque is starting. and the three kittens I am having to bottle feed are calling for more attention. More later as life permits....

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