Friday, April 29, 2005


I am too tired, could never make it, but damn I want to be in College Station tonight! It is making me nuts to know they are playing and I can't be there! (I do wonder sometimes if this will EVER stop...or at least lighten up.)

Ah well. It has been too hard a week and I have three little mouths dependant on me for care right now. I also have posters to put up this weekend for the next SA gig, and that's pretty time consuming. Yeah, I have gotten very involved in promoting this band, which means I am beyond hooked. It isn't just word of mouth anymore, though I still do that. Tonight, since I cannot be in College Station, and I had to miss the Granada last night, well, I am having a DVD party. A bit of wine, tea, chai or such, a couple of novice friends, a couple of old timers like me, and Del Castillo on TV. It will sustain me for the evening at least.

I really do feel for the people on the board and out there who haven't found the board yet who have not had the opportunities I have with this band. I wish there was a way to bottle the energy and spirituality of this group so I could send it out to all of them. The time is coming, folks. Hold onto what you have found; I understand the feelings you have about the music. They will be there. I, and many like me, are doing as much as we can to help get them out there. If I have my way, I will be right behind their tour bus in a mini-van or such, a la the Grateful Dead heads.
Now wouldn't that be a sight! A caravan of Del Castillo fans trekking across the country, nay, even the world, to see them play.....

I will have to use that thought anytime I get down about ot being with them.

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