Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Congratulations guys!

Well, I got a bit distracted there.
I will try to finish up my diatribe about the studio some time soon. The Austin event SXSW kinda took centre stage for awhile. The highlight of course was seeing Del Castillo play, fronting the Neville Brothers. There was only one real downside to it- a thirty minute long rain storm that left we fanatics soaked to the skin and a little chilly later. We weren't leaving for anything though. It was followed almost immediately by a beautiful double rainbow that reached completely across the sky. It felt them a bit more like we had been baptised than screwed with. Luckily, no one I was with lost his/her sense of humour about it, yet I fear Del Castillo has lost their elusive title of weather -controllers. Seems nature really had other plans.

Many applause to the Blues Orchestra for not giving up on their only song when Nature decided they didn't need sheet music after all. and alexi Murdoch was a delight too- a bob Dylanish singer-songwriter who can actually sing. I really enjoyed his set. His song is the one in th ead about being in a dream under an orange sky. Meant little to me til I heard him do it.

DC was fantastic, as one might expect after all my writing. I think all the negative ions after the storm spurred the audience AND the band to new heights. It was worth the squishy shoes. Speaking of which- I need to go finish cleaning them. LATERS!

Oh hey! I forgot why I called this blog what I did -DC brought home Best Traditional Latin Band and Producer of the Year from the Austin Chronicle awards, as well as good mentions for vocals and drums. They deserve much more as far as I am concerned, but when one is vying for attention in Austin's ridiculous music scene, such awrds really say something about the group. They remain a favourite after four years out there- that is no small feat.

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