Thursday, May 01, 2008

I believe in D.I.Y.

and I am lucky enough to have two bands in my world right now that exemplify why DIY should be done. For those who don't understand, DIY, to me, refers to a time in the
'80's when record companies wouldn't give a lot of people a chance, and bands learned how to go about producing their own records. It was a kind of challenge to the system back then, but now, it just makes sense. Cutting costs, not signing your life away and still managing to get your music out there requires the average group to stop looking for that huge front from a company and get on with the business of making music. and I can tell you- there are tons of amazing musicians out there, creating astounding music very much worth the true listener's time. If you are satisfied with the pablum served up by the radio and tv world, quit reading. If you yearn for something more, stop reading about it and get out there listening!


no one is going to hand you the truth about the good music being made- you have to get out and go listening for it.

Incidently, if you live up in the Chicago area and missed catching Buttercup recently, out on their first tour, well, kick yourself. That's one of the two amazing D.I.Y-ers I was talking about. Del Castillo is the other, for those who haven't figure that out about me yet.

What has spurred this sudden fervor of mine? New CD from Joe Reyes, one of the guys in Buttercup (among many other things.) I've sat listening to it while driving to or from work, and am just astounded with his talent. He's an introspective pop songwriter with influences as wide as Frank Sinatra and what I think could be Nine Inch Nails. He sounds like how I imagine George Harrison could've been, had he had a stronger voice. Yet there's a blues guitarist, a rockstar, and a poet, all kinda mixed in. This fellow's work is worth every effort you might take to check on it.
I am shattered that he may never be a household name, but glad at the same time, because he lets him reach a little deeper than he might if he had to write on a schedule for a corporate machine.

I dunno if Joe has this CD up for sale online anywhere yet, but listen to his EP at his myspace site and then bug the heck out of him for the full length CD. It's called "Colour and Sound", and will it will draw you in, make you misty and put a smile on your face, all at once.

thanks, Joey.

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