Friday, March 28, 2008

A Change of Pace

I haven't had time or mind to do much writing lately, though thoughts have been running over themselves trying to get my attention. I just saw Shawn Phillips the other night, and there have been a couple of Buttercup gigs and a couple of DC gigs. I just cannot seem to find the centre in my head where I can put all this into some sense of order.
This weekend is going to be an amazing one, both in its busy-ness and its event. Del Castillo and Patricia Vonne are doing a two-nighter at Sam's Burger Joint, and taping it all. I smell a future live CD, which some of us have been pressuring them for now for years. To boot, folks seem to be traveling from a long way off to come to this event. Couple of web-friends (a new way of refering to those one has yet to meet in person?) are coming in from Neveda, and lots of the Posse are showing up, though not all of them, which will make me sad. If anyone should be on the first live Del Castillo CD, it should be all of the Posse!
I must say I am already mentally a bit worn out and the weekend hasn't even started! I know the music will lift me up, but I am still going to consume at least one Rockstar, and maybe an espresso! ;P
Hopefully, I will find some peace to do some writing and upload more of the pictures I have sitting on my study floor. Buttercup is quiet for awhile, as Odie has gone across the Pond to see his kiddo, Kenji. DC is out of my range for a few gigs, and little else appeals to me at the moment.
I pray for a bit of quiet.
Until then, namaste.

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Hugs :)