Monday, April 17, 2006

Wonderful Weekend

Well, at least I had a good time!
Friday started off with too much work, and then having to deal with wanting to be three places at once! Soundcheck with Matt McCormack w/ Will Sexton et al made me not want to leave! A tremendous sound to be sure, even in the few pieces I got to hear. I will look forward to seeing them again for sure.

I also knew that my little wiz-kid friend Marcus Rubio was playing at the Limelight, and I tell you what, it was a damned hard choice where to be that night, but......

It was back to Sam's for me, for the Del Castillo CD release show for "Brotherhood".
It was crammed, so I never got anywhere near the stage during the show, but it was okay really. I watched the crowd and the stage cams that were being shown on the screens and monitors around the room, and frankly may have seen more than only those closest to the stage. I do not know whose idea it was to try and make a Del Castillo crowd sit down, but I daresay, should the group ever play there again, there will not be any chairs put down front again! Silly. This is definitely a band to get up and shake it to. Vallejo put on one butt-shaking funky set, I must say. I stood outside talking to folks, but I was slippin' and slidin' all around the entire time they played. Good set guys!
DC, well, what can I say. They are always amazing, even on not-so-good nights, and this was a GREAT night. They were all obviously in a good mood and it so showed throughout the gig. Zeoli was so worn out, at one point he tried to lean back on the wall behind him, only to find it wasn't solid! They were just on fire (saag paneer engineered, if I may say so myself! Long story.)
And I got to sit around and chat with most of them for awhile, after they had been mobbed for autographs. It's always good to get down time with my musicians. Keeps it real, and lets them know I do care about them as people, not just objects. I am pretty sure DC and crew know that already, but it never hurts to remind any of the people I like that I am there for them.

Saturday evening I had been looking forward to for some time. I found Mike Rosenthal at Flipnotics in Austin,many months ago, opening for Billy Harvey. I was the only person in the room for quite awhile and got to know Mike and his keyboardist, Chris Sayer, pretty well for a bunch of strangers. I was really impressed with Mike and thought San Antonio would be too. Damn those holiday weekends- a small but appreciative group came out for Mike and I think when he comes back, many more will follow the buzz to come see him. He and Chris seemed to have a really good time, and I sure as hell did. Tremendous songwriter, singer, and entertainer. Chris is just wonderful on the Korg, mostly as piano, just perfect backup to Mike's songs. I know from chatting with Chris that he's into jazz, and would love to tap that for the Red Room sometime too.
Much, much fun!

Sunday, my buddy Casey and I went out to Alice's Restaurant in Niederwald for good food and good music. Miss Pearl's Viper Tea(Slim Richie, Francie Meaux Jeaux and two gal singers whose names I am afraid I didn't catch) rocked the house, and were followed by my friends Jelly Jar. I am afraid the sweltering, sticky heat of an early Texas summer day drove many folks home, but I have just not been able to get anywhere to see the Jar in too long, so I planted myself squarely there and enjoyed it all. I slept like a rock that night due to the heat of the day, but I had sweet sounds in my head when I did.
All in all, a good weekend, one I will relish when the work week gets hectic.

Got much to do beore this next weekend, with Salim Nourallah and Chris Holt gracing our lil stage. I am just so tickled to have them down here. What talent. the world does seem to get better as one ages; maybe one just learns to appreciate the little things more.

right now, sleep and sweet dreams. New pictures of the Red Room adventures and the last Grackle Mundy to put up as soon as time permits.
night all.

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