Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am so enthused

I cannot even think of a good title for this!
Saturday night, Marcus Rubio, a local little secret I think, played the Red Room with his special guest of the month, Matt the Electrician, from Austin. Now, I have heard of both these fellows, but frankly had never had the time to HEAR either of them......was I in for a surprise!
Matt is a soft-spoken, well-mannered, tremendous singer-songwriter. We sat around outside for quite awhile before the gig and chatted, and I was impressed with him just from the little soundcheck we did.
Marcus is a high-spirited, lively 17 year old from SA, who I must label as some sort of musical genius. Genius doesn't lie within the confines of one's education, but what one finds to do with that education. Marcus has got something deep inside that is starting to blossom, and frankly, I expect him to go very far, if he so chooses.
I think I understand why local guitar master Joe Reyes chooses to work with this kid- Joe is a genius in his own right, and sees and hears what Marcus can become. Someday he might even eclipse Joe....and trust me, I do not say something like that lightly. My adoration of Joe is deep; I often wonder if he was like this youngster when he himself was in school.

When the evening started off, Marcus played a tune and then had Matt do a tune. It was obvious they had a feel for each others' music. As the evening progressed, They interacted more and more, until one would have sworn they had played together, at least in practice. This was not the case. These two, while they may have listened to each others' CDs, had never actually played onstage to together at all! It was astounding. They became so in synch with one another as musicians, that by the end of the show, they seemed flawless in the execution. I was floored to find out they hadn't played together.
I was also fascinated by both their diversities on instruments. Marcus plays not only guitar, but violin. He has only been playing since August. As a long time veteran of classical music, literally since childhood, I was once again floored, because his delivery of that instrument was nearly flawless. The violin is not an easy instrument to master. He had it set up through a repeater system like some guitar players use, would start a beautiful on the violin, putting it through the repeat cycle, put down the violin and pick up the guitar. Matt backed him up on both guitar and trumpet! Wow. I wanted to call everyone I knew and tell them to get to the Red Room, to not miss this amazing performance. I was too enthralled to get on the phone!

Some friends of mine made it into the room for only the last three tunes these guys did, the last of which involved bells. No I am not kidding. There is a...fad? going on locally with these neat little fine-tuned glass bells. The Wwhite Stripes, I think, are the ones to blame, but it has been fun. Buttercup has aa wonderful bit done with them. Marcus pulled them out for the last tune, and completely proved to me his tremendous musical ear and flexiblity. at that very moment, I was wishing more than anything that there was a way to capture everything they had played all evening on tape, video, hologram, anything! just to be able to replay it. Those friends of mine were so impressed by just three songs, they bought Marcus's Cd and both of Matt's.

Delphine and I had worked at changing the lighting in the stage area of the room, and so changed the mood in there! The place already has a good feel to it, something I have received in the way of compliments repeatedly in just the last two weeks. I think San Antonio is going to take well to this new approach to music. I am just certain that it is meant to be; this city is hungry for original music, and she and I know so much that hasn't been here yet. I sort of miss the traveling to go find something new. It feels weird not to be on the road to somewhere every weekend. But we bring here what used to draw us elsewhere.

Besides, I don't know that I would've ever heard Marcus anywhere BUT SA. Not yet at least. This is a future star rising, and now I get to say I saw him when.....and at a place I am helping give birth to. what better story could one ask for when talking to the grandkids about "I knew him when....." ;) Peoples....Matt the Electrician is worth getting out of your humdrum lives for, Austin or wherever you get a chance to catch him. Marcus will take you out of your life altogether, between his wonderful talent and his delightful personality. Should you ever get the chance to see them together, oh, do not miss! Perhaps, you'll find them here in San Antonio, in a homey little artspace called the Red Room.

(and I think the key words for that evening should be 'flawless' and 'floored', they were, and so was I!)

And I must make kudos to Marcus' family- mom, dad and brother. The level of support has very definitely got something to do with the young man's progress. Hold tight to them, Marcus. It will keep your feet on the ground if you are ever tempted to lose yourself in the music business.

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