Sunday, August 08, 2010

San Antonio ain't totally lame.

Ok, this city isn't always as exciting as I would like, but maybe that's a good thing? It might be better for those who do strive to be heard to have the ability to be heard over the din in,say,Austin. Here, one might actually be able to find someone new who doesn't have to leave town to get a break. I saw these fellows, or part of the band anyway under a different name, and am now sorry I didn't buy a tee-shirt or something to support their efforts. This is by far the best thing to come out of the city in a long time- new that is. My regs are still there, and I remain a fan, but it is always nice to hear something new be given space.

I've been mostly busy being a photographer, not the writer, but will endeavour to bring some more of what's being going on around here to the light. namaste!

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