Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a matter of tolerance...

I believe as a concert photographer I may have strained my watchers' patience to the very edge. It dawned on me as I was slaving to upload literally hundreds of pictures for two different gigs that I had shot something around 1000 pictures and about a dozen videos of varying lengths in only two gigs.....good lord.

I am going to have to start getting MUCH pickier about what I put up.

Well, in all fairness to myself, I find both bands absolutely riveting, so I am not surprised at myself. Film limited my range, something that the digital camera has removed. It ain't the ridiculous sized camera crap I see "pros" lugging around, but I have a wonderful time and I think I capture the essence of the gig while those "pros" are searching for the impossible: the "perfect" picture.
Apparently computer manipulation of photos is considered okay in this day, whereas the real artist- the one who can capture the moment right then and there and not have to change anything- is poo-poo-ed . Well, in the art world, ugly is also the new beautiful, so who knows what the hell to think anymore. I don't follow fads- I capture a moment. I have one great advantage- I am not shooting for any other reason or person than myself. There is no thought of sales or trying to impress a world that passes over fashion and fad as fast as they change their underwear. I am able to look back at the over 8000 pictures on that site, and remember. I saw them when- I remember that- man, wasn't that so much fun?!

I figure it this way- I am doing what I love, because I love it. I know others like it, as I average over 2000 hits a week on that site. My ranking on the site for music photography is 12th out of more than 50,000. I have got to be doing SOMEthing right. With all the crap in my world, knowing I bring happiness to folks thru what makes me happy puts a smile on my face at the weirdest times of day. Like now.

Another video from DC's last Sam's gig is loading as I write, with yet another to go. Found them the other night, hiding innocently in the 450s of the photos from that gig. Right now, Buttercup is playing on the PC, vid uploading, and I am feeling itchy again with that camera! Can't wait to see BC and Salim on the 2nd, but I may go catch Ms Vonne Saturday, just to flex the muscles.;p


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